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We love working with businesses who are focused on growth. Our clients include companies across industries, many of whom are powered by the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to encourage focus, discipline, accountability, and structure within their teams. We are so grateful to partner with these brands – and many others – to help them achieve next-level growth through our marketing services.

"At Trusted Employees, one of our core values is always getting better. To that end, we engaged Authentic Brand to help us understand how we could improve our demand generation efforts through an audit of our strategy, digital spend, content, SEO, and marketing messaging. We were impressed by the domain expertise of the Authentic Brand team. Not only did they provide a comprehensive demand generation audit, but they also outlined specific tactics that we could immediately activate. We feel Authentic Brand understood our challenges and helped uncover opportunities to scale. We're looking forward to continuing our growth journey with Authentic Brand and its ally network."
Jonathan Thielen
President, Trusted Employees
"As a fast-growing blockchain tech firm, we needed a marketing partner that could ramp up quickly, supporting our leadership team with both strategy and tactical execution around our go-to-market launch. Authentic Brand filled that role for us at a critical time. Their deep understanding of technology and business was evident in their ability to translate a complex, disruptive innovation story into market-ready content and sales assets. As we continue to build, we'll look to Authentic Brand to bring valuable perspective to our messaging strategy and execution plans."
Jeremy Drane
Chief Commercial Officer, Libra Services, Inc.

"Authentic Brand has infused our brand story with messaging that is unique, concise, and most importantly, speaks straight to the needs of our buyers - in their language. The Authentic Brand approach to message development was both efficient and inspiring. With their guidance, we reshaped our brand narrative from solution-focused (commodity) to customer-focused (value). With our Messaging Framework as a foundation, we're moving confidently into next-level business growth and marketing execution."
Todd Huna
Co-Founder & CEO, GymPhone

"When you're growing as quickly as we are, you need partners who can pull you out of the day-to-day, and give you fresh perspective on big picture growth opportunities and the strategies to get there. That's the kind of partner Authentic Brand has been for us. They've been quick to understand our business, helping to refine our strategy and brand narrative in a way that really sets us apart from the competition. We'll continue to seek Authentic Brand's support as we build out our marketing programs and channels."
Chad Capp
Co-Founder & President, GymPhone

“Jennifer Zick, founder of Authentic Brand, did an amazing job laying out strategies for B2B marketing at our recent corporate training. Her very evident and seasoned expertise in the subject matter was only outdone by her passion and wit. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any future engagements.”
Tim Lively
CEO, HealthStar Home Health

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