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I recently had the privilege of being featured on the Marketing Second Shift podcast. Chaunce Stanton, CEO Co-Founder of Chronicals Digital – and producer of the podcast – covered a huge range of topics with me, including: EOS / Traction, Marketing Automation, Sales, Work-Life Balance (or lack thereof), and my love of family, yoga, and trips up north. Trust me…it all fits together in the Authentic Brand story. 🙂  These excerpts from my interview with Chaunce are republished here with his permission. 

01: Get to know Jennifer Zick

Jennifer talks about what makes her tick, how she unwinds, and the power of yoga.

02: Work-Life Balance?

Jennifer discusses her recent blog post about overcoming the pressures of the “work-life balance” mindset.

03: What Is EOS?

Jennifer has been using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (aka “Traction”) methodology for years. Now her company (Authentic Brand) helps EOS businesses plan and execute marketing.

04: What Does Authentic Brand Do?

Jennifer goes beyond the elevator pitch to tell us about why she founded Authentic Brand and how the company helps clients.

 05: Why Unique Selling Propositions Fall Short

Your business “uniques” are a good place to start, but Jennifer helps companies go further.

 06: Get With the Program!

Which two industries does Jennifer think have a hard time adapting to the new realities of sales and marketing?

 07: Why Jennifer Zick Cares About Your Sales Team

You’ll often hear Jennifer discuss sales strategies and pulling in the sales team. I thought she was a marketer! What’s going on here?

 08: Nothing is Automatic About Marketing Automation

Jennifer discusses the realities of implementing an inbound marketing strategy. She says it’s more than just flipping on the lead-generation switch!

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Jennifer Zick

Founder and Lead Consultant at Authentic Brand
Jennifer Zick is the founder of Authentic Brand, a Minneapolis-based B2B marketing consultancy that believes authenticity and intelligence are two essential ingredients for building trusting, long-term customer relationships.
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