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B2B Mentors Podcast Featuring Jennifer Zick

B2B Mentors Podcast Featuring Jennifer Zick
B2B Mentors Podcast

Our founder and CEO, Jennifer Zick, was recently the featured guest on the B2B Mentors Podcast with host Connor Dube.

Most business founders and owners haven’t done anything wrong. They just get to the point where they can’t keep doing what they’re doing and have it be right anymore.

Jennifer Zick, CEO, Authentic

Episode Summary

Jennifer Zick — Founder and CEO of Authentic — joins Connor to discuss how fractional CMOs help businesses overcome Random Acts of Marketing. Learn about the “Dandelion Effect” and why repeatedly firing yourself is a worthy goal.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep the end in mind even as you start your business. Build it for scale and exit ability.
  • Any business with over $5 million in revenue needs an executive seat at the table for a highly experienced marketing leader — but it doesn’t need to be a full-time positions.
  • Create something of value to your ideal buyers and their influencers, but don’t sell them anything or ask for anything in return. Every prospect should come away from your meeting feeling seen, heard, valued, appreciated, and supported — even if they’ll never be your client.

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