The only community for second-in-command leaders that is high-value, free to attend, and operating-system neutral.

Welcome to Integrator Community™ - An executive peer group for entrepreneurial leaders who hold the "second-in-command" role.

Our monthly virtual meetings are FREE, interactive, and highly-valued by Integrators around the globe.


with executive peers who sit in the same unique seat


issues with peers in small-group breakouts


from experienced coaches, advisors, and entrepreneurs


in your role, confidence, and success as a leader

We invite you to join us for open, honest, and vulnerable conversation and connection.

Let’s rise together.

Meeting Agenda

Virtual format | 90 min meeting

Welcome (10 min)
Guest Speaker (15 min)
Small Group Breakouts (55 min)
Ah-Ha’s & Wrap-Up (10 min)

Story of Integrator Community™

Created and hosted by Authentic®, Integrator Community™ is run independently: by the community, for the community.

Originally planned as a small, in-person regional event, Integrator Community™ was set to launch in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the spring of 2020. COVID forced a pivot to a virtual format, which quickly gained word-of-mouth momentum and has continued to grow each month since its start.

Today, our community includes more than 1,000 Integrators from across the United States and around the world. 

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Interactive Meetings

Our 90-minute virtual meeting format includes a short guest presentation, followed by small group breakouts for deeper connection, issue-solving, and experience-sharing.

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24/7 Access

Our community members are connected around the clock, around the globe: answering questions, sharing resources, and helping one another work through issues and challenges.

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LIFT Partners

This community is made possible by the support of our LIFT Partners, who generously serve as ambassadors and help us achieve our broader community impact vision.

Thank you to our 2024 LIFT Partners!

2024 Lift Partner Ambassadors

Melissa Graham

SEO Director


Bill Poole



Angela Pointon

President & CEO


Genevieve White



Brandi Johnson

Director of Marketing

Sales Xceleration

Rick Rittmaster

VP of Consulting

Strategic Talent Partners

Emily Morgan

Visionary Founder & CEO

Delegate Solutions

Jared Gold

Sr. Partner Manager


Stijn Smet

Head of Customer Success


Brian Cox

Integrator / President / Partner

Traction Capital

Meet Your Integrator Community Team


Jessica Berg

Integrator Community™ Host


Jennifer Zick

Integrator Community™ Founder

Participant Requirements

Integrator Community™ meetings are FREE to participants, and seats are limited to ensure quality discussion at each session. To provide value for all, every registration is vetted to the following requirements:

  • You are in the Integrator seat / have Integrator or “Second in Command” accountabilities
  • Company has 10+ employees
  • Willing to be open, honest, vulnerable
  • Want to take your business to the next level
  • Ready and willing to contribute
  • Honor confidentiality; all conversations stay in the room
  • Authentic networking only: Bring your issues, but not your sales pitch

Our Speakers

Each month, we welcome a dynamic guest speaker to share 15 minutes of inspiration and insight on a wide variety of entrepreneurial and Integrator-relevant topics. 

Imagine a “TED Talk meets a Pep Talk” for Integrators.

Check out our Speaker Library to learn from past presenters.

Nominate a Speaker

Know someone who would be a fantastic fit as a future guest speaker?

Our Facilitators Are Amazing

Each Integrator Community™ breakout session is expertly facilitated by a roster of volunteer advisors, coaches and leaders who have proven entrepreneurial growth experience. Their commitment is to support you in growth, to enrich your network, and to help you activate the full potential of shared experiences and connections with your peers.

Hosted By

Integrator Community™ meetings are organized and hosted by Authentic®. We are a community of Fractional CMOs who help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step to build revenue.