Core Values

Our Values Authentic

Our core values define us. They are who we are, what we believe, how we behave, and what we are known for. They are the criteria by which we hire / fire, and a key consideration in the relationships we have with clients, partners and vendors.

We seek, reward, and celebrate these values. We reflect on these values when we question how to respond to a person, situation or challenge. We refer to these values as we provide feedback to others. Most importantly, as members of Authentic, we own these values and commit to living them out every day – not perfectly, but authentically and progressively.

  • We are real and approachable people.
  • We build trust through authentic relationships.
  • We speak the truth (with love – because we truly care).
  • We are confident leaders who trust ourselves and each other.
  • We value and respect others’ perspectives and experiences.
  • We are active learners, mentors and teachers.
  • We listen well.
  • We seek and welcome all feedback.
  • We don’t always get it right, but we always work to make it right.
  • We care deeply about our clients and our colleagues.
  • We love to help great businesses grow.
  • We are self-disciplined leaders who do all things with excellence.
  • We share our knowledge, connections and resources liberally.
  • We are here to help, no strings attached.
  • We prioritize our time to give back to our communities.