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Ally Network - Expert Marketing Execution

"We need expert execution."

Activate your marketing strategy through our trusted, vetted, curated Ally Network of agency and freelance providers.

A big part of our role as Fractional CMOs is to help our clients strike an ideal balance of internal and external capabilities that support their marketing program and budget. While Authentic does not provide agency services, we have curated a community of select marketing providers with specialization across a variety of modern marketing disciplines. 

We call this community our Authentic Ally Network ™, and we are delighted to refer our clients – and our friends – to trusted marketing execution experts who are committed to moving strategies to action, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Authentic Ally Network is:

  • A curated network of freelance and agency resources.
  • Flexible and focused expertise across marketing disciplines.
  • Trusted, vetted, and right-sized for small and mid-sized businesses.


Our Ally Network Capabilities Include:




CRM & Database

Search Engine Marketing



Language Translation

Website Development

Analytics & Data


PR & Comms

Social Media

Video & Animation

Brand Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Authentic have an Ally Network?

We know that finding the right freelancer or agency partner can be challenging, time consuming, and risky. The world of marketing is becoming increasingly complex, made up of a large number of micro-disciplines. It can be hard to find and select the ideal resource from among so many  options.

The Authentic Ally Network was born from our desire to help our clients get access to top notch, specialized marketing execution talent – quickly, confidently, and cost effectively.

With decades of marketing and agency experience, our team is adept at qualifying marketing providers, and has vetted dozens of independent providers and agencies to curate a highly select partner network of proven and specialized experts.

Why doesn’t Authentic have in-house agency resources?

We are 100% committed to representing your best interests, which is why we have chosen not to build agency capabilities in-house. Our CMOs have zero incentive to up-sell or cross-sell you agency services. We are solution agnostic, so that we can make the right recommendations for your business, at the right time, for the right reasons.

All of our Ally Network providers have been vetted for:

  • Values alignment with Authentic
  • Price and process compatibility for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Specific core marketing capabilities and proven expertise
  • Substantive client references and results
  • Flexible engagement structures
  • Mindset of enablement: Willing to support and train client teams

When might Authentic recommend an Ally provider?

Authentic is committed to helping our clients build strong marketing programs and teams. Our first priority is to maximize and optimize existing resources, both internal and external. Where you already have staff, contractors, or agency partners engaged, it is our goal to integrate their efforts, strategically and effectively. 

Where there are gaps that require specialized expertise, our goal is to bring the best-fit resources to the table as quickly as possible. This is when we may recommend one or more providers from our Ally Network.

Can we work with Authentic Ally providers even if we are not currently working with Authentic?

Absolutely. We welcome the opportunity to connect you with providers from our Ally Network who can help you move your strategy to action. Contact us for a free consultation so we can help make the best introductions for your business.

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