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Marketing Topics

What is a Fractional CMO?

How a part-time marketing leader can help you achieve next-level results

Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare

Authentic Brand’s unique Fractional CMO 

The Power of Our Ally Network

The right marketing agency and freelance expertise at the right time 

Should I fire my marketing leader?

Slow down. It may not be a people issue.

Is the AOR still relevant?

Finding the balance of agency capabilities for today’s modern marketing team

Strike Zone Marketing

What does marketing have in common with baseball? A really small strike zone!

How Random is your Marketing?

Take the free 5-minute Random Acts of Marketing Assessment to find out!

Building Your Personal Brand

Presented by Jennifer Zick, Authentic Brand CEO, to The Visionary Forum

Building Trust Equity

Presented by Jennifer Zick, Authentic Brand CEO, at Twin Cities Startup Week 2021

Authentic Brand Client Stories

Trusted Employees

Jon Thielen, President


Mike Siegler, Past CEO

Comply Foam

Chris Hudson, President

Summit 360

Dick Noble, Founder & Owner

Coherent Solutions

Rob Duff, Chief Operating Officer

Pro-Tec Design

Eva Mach, President & CEO 

Beehive Strategic Communication

Lisa Hannum, Founder & CEO

Fueled Collective

Don Ball, Co-Founder

Boundary Waters Bank

Sarah Kolek, President & CEO

Go Kart Labs

Elli Rader, Vice President