Fractional CMOs

A strategy and plan can only go so far without someone to lead the day-to-day execution and results. 

For clients who are ready to gain Marketing Traction, but aren’t yet ready to hire a full-time marketing executive, our fractional leadership services are a perfect fit.

Fractional CMOs

Part-time, senior-level marketing leadership backed by Marketing Traction™ methodology & tools

* Fractional Services (15+ hours per week, retained)
* Marketing Traction Coaching (retained)
* Interim CMO Services (month-to-month)
* Hourly Advisory (on demand or project based)

What is Marketing Traction

What is Marketing Traction?

Marketing Traction is a methodology we developed to help small, growth-focused businesses build strategic marketing departments and create alignment between sales and marketing. It uses simple tools and a structured process to establish alignment, accountability, and focus.

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