Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO Leadership

"We need a marketing leader."

Engage an executive marketer on a part-time and flexible basis who will lead, manage, and drive accountability.

Growing businesses need executive marketing leadership to help them make marketing a strategic partner in building revenue results. But not all businesses need a full-time, permanent executive role. 

A Fractional CMO provides the leadership your business needs, on a part-time, flexible basis. We will help you move forward with confidence and Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® to achieve revenue results.

Our unique approach combines Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare to build strong, strategic, sales-aligned marketing teams and programs. Our CMOs also help client teams engage the right external partners for marketing activation through our vetted Ally Network of providers.

Is Fractional CMO the right model for you?

When business leaders contact Authentic, they are often trying to decide between making a full-time hire or bringing on a Fractional CMO on a contract basis. They also want to know the differences between independent consultants, agencies,  Interim CMOs and Fractional CMOs. Finally, they want to understand the value of a Fractional CMO compared to other options. 

The video below explains more about the role of an Authentic Fractional CMO and how we help our clients build strong, sales-aligned, sustainable marketing teams and programs.

Finding the right marketing leadership solution for your business

There are a lot of ways for your businesses to access marketing talent. You could hire a full-time leader. You could contract with an independent consultant. You could engage a recruiter or staff augmentation firm, or hire an Interim CMO to fill the role during a period of transition. Or you could work with a  partner that specializes in Fractional CMO services – like Authentic. 

No matter which path you choose, it’s important to understand the differences so you can determine which path aligns best to your goals.

At Authentic, we help our clients build strong marketing teams and programs through our unique model which is powered by three key elements: Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare. The video below explains more

Authentic's Unique Model

Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare

Fractional CMO Value

The value of a fractional CMO: Quick impact and low risk

There’s a point in a company growth cycle when businesses recognize that they need to invest in marketing for continued growth. Often these companies have been sales-driven until they realize they need a marketing leader dedicated to building brand awareness and driving meaningful engagement to support business objectives. They often choose between hiring a full-time leader, a fractional CMO, or a marketing agency.

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Proven Process - Authentic

What is Authentic Growth Methodology?

Authentic Growth™ Methodology is Authentic’s proven process that helps small and mid-sized, growth-focused businesses build strategic marketing departments and create alignment between sales and marketing. It’s a habit-forming system that teaches a simple set of tools, frameworks, and meeting cadences that drive alignment, accountability, and activation.

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Authentic Mindshare

The mindshare power behind the Authentic peer community

Clients have learned that they get more than a solo independent consultant when they hire an Authentic Fractional CMO. They get the collective expertise of senior-level marketers with diverse experience across a variety of business models and industries. We call the power of this community our mindshare, and it’s part of everything we do.

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