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The power of the Authentic Mindshare™ and CMO peer community

The power of the Authentic Mindshare™ and CMO peer community

More than one CMO’s expertise at work for your business

Authentic clients get more than a solo consultant when they hire one of our fractional CMOs. They get the collective expertise of senior-level marketers and specialized marketing service providers with diverse experience across a variety of business models and industries, including B2B, B2C, and channel marketing for professional services, technology, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, consumer products, non-profits, and more.

Our fractional CMOs and our highly-curated network of independent and agency talent – our Authentic Ally Network™  – form the engaged community we call our mindshare. Our fractional CMO peer community regularly connects to solve problems and share resources to move client strategies forward more effectively. Our Ally Network provides flexible, scalable, and hyper-focused execution of marketing tactics to support our clients. Together, these marketing experts drive greater impact to Authentic clients. 

The value of the Authentic Mindshare

When clients hire an Authentic Fractional CMO, there are more people connected to the work than just the assigned fractional leader. The Authentic Mindshare™ plays an active role in each client’s success. The peer community and Ally Network supports the fractional CMO in their thinking, strategy development, and problem-solving to ensure they constantly raise the bar in their abilities to bring relevant and modern marketing strategies to the work they do. 

This additional layer of support and accountability from the mindshare is unlike the experience of working with a traditional staffing or recruiting firm that identifies an independent marketing consultant, places them on the client account, and then moves on to filling the next role. We build a connected team around the fractional CMO, fueled by our mindshare, to deliver significant value to the client and ensure we achieve measurable results.

One of the many added values of the mindshare is the cross-industry experience that exists within it. This collection of diverse industry experience enables our fractional CMOs to bring ideas gathered from other verticals and push clients to test new strategies and tactics. This innovative thinking helps our fractional CMOs look at things through a different lens and brings fresh, creative ideas to differentiate products and services and create breakthrough growth. 

Activating the Authentic Mindshare

The mindshare isn’t just a nice idea we tout in our marketing. It’s woven through everything we do. Below are key ways we activate the Authentic Mindshare: 

1. Peer review of strategic plans

We encourage our fractional CMOs to present their drafted strategies to other members of the peer community before presenting them to clients. Peers ask challenging questions, poke holes in the plan, and ensure the fractional CMO considers different perspectives. Ultimately, peer reviews lead to stronger work for our clients. 

Another benefit of involving the peer community in client work is that it creates an important redundancy in resources. Multiple marketing leaders are connected to the client business and understand its stakeholders and strategy. In the rare event that the assigned fractional CMO needs to take a personal leave of absence, or isn’t the right fit for the client, there’s backup or support that can seamlessly step in to help while maintaining momentum. This stability of resources isn’t possible when hiring an independent marketing consultant without the backing of a peer community.

2. Frequent learning and collaboration sessions

Our fractional CMOs attend several learning and collaboration meetings each month, which we call Mindshare Meetings. Each meeting follows a structured agenda, with a blend of:

  • Expert presentations and workshops on various marketing topics, trends, and technologies, often led by our Ally Network providers. These recurring learning sessions help the CMOs keep pace with what’s happening in the marketing landscape so they can successfully advise clients on when it’s time to adapt and embrace new practices. 
  • Sharing of ideas, resources, strategies, and solutions. Our CMOs bring real client problems to each meeting and leverage the power of the mindshare to solve them.
  • Ongoing training and development on our Authentic Growth Methodology, process, tools, and client experience.

3. The right expertise at the right time

Our clients need access to vetted talent that can help them execute on the various aspects of their marketing strategies. The Authentic Ally Network™ is a highly curated and growing network of marketing service providers.

This network includes independent consultants and small- to mid-sized agencies that are experts in their particular area of practice (e.g., digital marketing, design, development, content). The Ally Network is an important aspect of our mindshare because it brings specialized expertise to our fractional CMOs and clients quickly, flexibly, and with the confidence of a trusted referral.

4. Ad hoc informal meetings

Perhaps the most rewarding part of watching our mindshare take shape is seeing our fractional CMOs and Ally Network providers getting together outside of our formal meeting structures. They seek one another out for ad hoc brainstorming sessions, to attend industry networking events, and share helpful resources. Our fractional CMOs and Ally Network are strengthening the power of our mindshare on their own time and on their own initiative.

We’re eager to continue nurturing the Authentic Mindshare as it grows with the addition of new fractional CMOs and an always-expanding network of specialized agencies and independent consultants. We look forward to continuing to develop creative solutions to help our clients benefit from our powerful and passionate mindshare.

Is Authentic a fit for your business?

Authentic’s Marketers, Methodology, and Mindshare help small-to-midsize businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® once and for all. Companies that recognize that building a marketing foundation for long-term success requires time, commitment, and experienced leadership will find Authentic’s approach supportive and effective. We are driven to help growth-minded, values-centric, founder-led, and sales-driven companies confidently take the right next step to build revenue.

Are you ready to overcome random acts of marketing in your business? Let’s discuss how we can work together to make marketing a strong, strategic, and sales-aligned partner in revenue growth.

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