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Are you an executive marketing leader who is ready to do your most meaningful, high-impact, independent work, within a peer group of like-minded professionals? If so, keep reading.

Authentic Brand is a thriving community of senior-level, independent marketing leaders who are helping great businesses reach next-level growth through Marketing Traction™. As Fractional CMOs, our team members engage on 1-2 client accounts at any given time, usually for a period of 18-24 months, helping to lead, build, and scale marketing programs that fuel measurable growth.

So what is a Fractional CMO, exactly?

Great question, and the answer can vary depending on who you ask.

  • Some talent agencies offer “Fractional CMO” services on a contract-to-hire or short-term, interim basis;
  • Other “Fractional CMO” firms provide advisory services on an hourly or contract basis, often remotely;
  • Many independent marketers offer their solopreneur services under the banner of “Fractional CMO”;
  • Finally, some traditional and digital agencies claim to provide “Fractional CMO” services as a new spin on agency account management (i.e. “Outsource your marketing and we’ll lead it for you.”).

At Authentic Brand, we do Fractional CMO differently.

Our clients engage Authentic Brand when they recognize that next-level growth will mean moving away from “random acts of marketing”. Our Fractional CMOs provide leadership that helps these businesses turn marketing into a strategic, sustained, sales-aligned, core component of their in-house revenue organization. Take a peek at this explainer video to learn more about Authentic Brand’s Fractional CMO services:

What makes our Fractional CMOs uniquely-equipped for this role and our model?

  • Our Fractional CMOs are independent consultants, but operate within our connected brand and mindshare community. We are a team, by every definition of the word.
  • Our Fractional CMOs invest in each other to share learnings, solve problems, and help our team constantly expand our skills and experiences. Our community members believe that there is more than enough great work for all of us, and that we all have great experiences to contribute and share. When we give, we receive back abundantly.
  • All of our Fractional CMOs are trained on Authentic Brand’s Marketing Traction™ methodologies and curriculum, helping us deliver a consistent experience and level of quality across our client engagements.
  • Our Fractional CMOs believe in and live out Authentic Brand’s corporate values of Authenticity, Wisdom, Humility, Passion, and Generosity.

With the support of this rich peer and mindshare community, our Authentic Brand Fractional CMOs build strong, modern marketing departments that drive growth for great businesses.

Learn more about our unique Fractional CMO model and our three pillars: Marketers, Methodology & Mindshare

Could you be our next Fractional CMO?

The following sections outline criteria for inclusion in our community, as well as required marketing and leadership experience. If you fit the role description as defined by these two lists, we’d love to hear from you! We are always open to meeting top-notch independent marketing leaders, but we are very selective about adding to our community, as we seek to build a strong, stable, supportive team – all actively engaged and serving our clients. (In other words, we are not building a database of talent, but a community of active, engaged Fractional CMOs.)

Criteria for inclusion in our Fractional CMO community:

  • Decidedly independent (i.e. Not seeking full-time employment now or in the future);
  • Available 20-40 hours a week for long-term engagements (18-24+ months);
  • Willing to commit to monthly regional peer group participation and monthly learning events;
  • Open to training on Authentic Brand’s Marketing Traction™ methodologies and tools;
  • Inclusion of Authentic Brand role on your LinkedIn Profile;
  • Inclusion of your profile on Authentic Brand’s website and marketing collateral;
  • Agreeable to our rate structure and the terms of our Independent Contractor Agreement (shared as part of interview process);
  • Established business entity with EIN (not just a SSN);
  • Committed to carrying required insurance ongoing (general and professional liability, workers compensation, automotive).

Requirements of the role:

  • Strong history and reference-supported track record of success in marketing leadership;
  • Proven ability to collaborate with C-Suite leaders and elevate marketing as a strategic partner in the business, aligned to overall growth objectives;
  • 15+ years of marketing leadership experience, with at least 5+ years at Sr. Director, VP or CMO level;
  • Must have full-time, in-house, senior-level experience for a minimum of 5+ years;
  • Experience in hiring, building, and leading marketing teams;
  • Expert at integration of external agency and freelance services to marketing program mix;
  • Must have experience across all core aspects of marketing leadership for modern business, including:
  • Strategy, Planning & Budget-Management
  • Staffing, Management & Talent Resourcing
  • Brand & Messaging
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Content Marketing & Demand Generation
  • Channel / Alliance Marketing (bonus)
  • Marketing Technologies, including: CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media, CMS, Data & Analytics, Other. Experience in solution selection, integration, and management.
  • Experience translating marketing metrics into C-Suite insights and proof of revenue impact.

Sound like the perfect role for you?

If so, we'd love to hear from you. Submit your inquiry and resume today to apply for consideration.

Learn more about how our Fractional CMOs help businesses grow.