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Organized by Authentic Brand, Two Or More is a community of business people, collectively sharing our time and talents through volunteer initiatives, fundraising, and grassroots projects that benefit our local and global communities.

We believe in the power of collaboration and generosity. Beautiful, inspiring, valuable, amazing things happen when two or more people show up with willing hands and open hearts. We’re here to facilitate those kinds of connections. 


One person can change the world. So imagine what two or more people can accomplish together. We believe in the power of collaboration, and the exponential impact of our united community.

There is something special about serving shoulder-to-shoulder with others who share your values. This is business networking at its most authentic, because it’s not about business at all.

We aim to create a movement that cascades far beyond our events. We hope to inspire business leaders to make generosity a core pillar of their corporate culture, creating and committing to their own volunteering and give-back programs. 




Marketing Budget Allocation

Marketing budget allocation: Why there’s no silver bullet

At Authentic Brand, we work primarily with small to midsize growing businesses that have started to invest in marketing activities but aren’t sure whether those activities are the best ones to support business growth. One of the most common questions we get from clients is, “How much should I spend on marketing?” It seems like a simple question, but unfortunately, the answer isn’t. The not-so-satisfying answer we often give to questions about marketing budget allocation is, “It depends.”

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SANCTUARY for marketing executives

SANCTUARY community supports each other during chaos of 2020

On September 17th, the SANCTUARY community of marketing executives joined virtually to talk all things digital. In the rapidly evolving space of digital marketing, it falls on marketers to keep up and keep track of new practices. With a boom in martech it can be difficult for managers and execs to manage their tech stack to make sure they’re measuring and optimizing results to the best of their abilities.

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Is your business committing random acts of marketing? [Part 3]

If you haven’t read parts one and two of our random acts of marketing series, we encourage you to start there! Random acts of marketing are common, particularly for sales-driven organizations facing stalled growth. Executives at these businesses might know they need marketing, but they’re unsure how best to structure or measure its effectiveness. Not knowing how best to proceed, they often test out one tactic, channel, or message after another, hoping at least one of them works.

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Is your business committing random acts of marketing? [Part 1]

It’s a story we hear all of the time: A business grew rapidly in its first years by focusing on sales and pursuing whichever opportunities came its way. Eventually, growth leveled off. The company needed to do something to jumpstart its sales and fuel its next-level growth. Executives recognized it was time to invest in marketing.

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