Organized by Authentic Brand, Two Or More is a community of business people, collectively sharing our time and talents through volunteer initiatives, fundraising, and grassroots projects that benefit our local and global communities.

We believe in the power of collaboration and generosity. Beautiful, inspiring, valuable, amazing things happen when two or more people show up with willing hands and open hearts. We’re here to facilitate those kinds of connections. 





Build Brand Trust

How to Harness Trust to Build Brand Equity and Grow Your Business

There is nothing more valuable to a business, its relationships, and its brand than the trust it creates and maintains with its stakeholders. Trust is your most valuable brand currency, one that builds on itself over time to increase your brand equity, the brand’s worth in and of itself. This 5-phased approach to building brand trust and equity will help your business grow.

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Build a personal brand - Authentic Personal Brand

How Business Leaders Can Build a Personal Brand

Your personal brand is how you show up in the world personally and professionally. It extends beyond what you do for work to encompass deeper and more personal attributes, including your hobbies, passions, values, and beliefs. But too often, business leaders stop short of developing and sharing their authentic personal brand. Instead, they tie their personal brand only to their corporate or employer’s brand.

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Jon Thielen Trusted Employees Client Story

Trusted Employees: Client Story

Through partnership with Authentic Brand and their Ally Network providers, Trusted Employees remodeled their sales and marketing teams and programs to pursue higher margin, faster-closing deals, resulting in growing EBIDTA from $1M to $2M, and selling the company one year later for 11x earnings.

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Chris Hudson Comply Foam Client Story

Comply Foam: Client Story

Comply Foam was ready to make big moves within the established hearing component business. The manufacturing company had traditionally sold exclusively through B2B channels, but leaders saw opportunity to gain market share through expansion to e-commerce driven, direct-to-consumer sales. Making this transformation would mean evolving from a sales-centric to a marketing-led business.

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