Authentic® serves growing organizations (generally $5M – $100M in revenue) who are ready to make marketing a sustained, strategic, sales-aligned aspect of their business, and who want to deeply understand the impact of those efforts. For these companies, we become an extension of the organization, providing services including: Fractional CMOs, Coaching, and Ally Network support.

We help our clients develop their marketing positioning, processes, team, and tools so that they are equipped to drive sustainable growth well into the future. We do this through our unique approach, which is powered by: Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare.

Our Services

Marketing leadership that helps you confidently take the next right step to build revenue.

Fractional CMO

Engage an executive leader on a part-time and flexible basis who will lead, manage, and drive accountability.


Partner with an executive advisor who will teach a disciplined and strategic marketing approach.

Ally Network

Activate your marketing strategy through our trusted, vetted network of agency and freelance providers.

Is Fractional CMO right for you?

Who Benefits from Fractional CMO Services

There are a lot of options available to you as you consider the right marketing leadership role for your business. You may be evaluating agencies, independent consultants, or Interim CMO options. Fractional CMO leadership is a relatively new type of marketing leadership solution for small and growing businesses (a model that has commonly been applied to executive Finance and Human Resources roles).

Wondering if Authentic’s services could be the right fit for your organization? It might help for you to understand the types of businesses we most often partner with. 

Most of Authentic’s clients:

  • Are small to mid-sized businesses between $5 – $100 million in annual revenue
  • Are growth-minded, values-centric, founder-led, and sales-driven
  • Can identify random acts of marketing in their organization
  • Desire to make marketing a strong, strategic, and sales-aligned partner in revenue growth
  • Recognize that building a marketing foundation for long-term success requires time, commitment, and experienced leadership

Still not sure if Fractional CMO is the right solution for your business? We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation to help you confidently take the next right step for your organization. Let’s connect.