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Proven Process - Authentic


Authentic Growth Methodology is a proprietary system developed by Authentic to help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step to achieve healthy growth.

Authentic Growth is not a “one size fits all” or cookie-cutter approach to marketing. It’s not a short-term engagement to create a “marketing strategy”. 

Authentic Growth is implemented by an experienced CMO, leveraging our proven framework of tools and processes, to build strong marketing programs and teams. Over time, Authentic Growth builds marketing alignment, accountability, and aptitude – so growing businesses can keep scaling up.

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Authentic's Unique Approach

Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare

Fractional CMO Value

The value of a fractional CMO: Quick impact and low risk

There’s a point in a company growth cycle when businesses recognize that they need to invest in marketing for continued growth. Often these companies have been sales-driven until they realize they need a marketing leader dedicated to building brand awareness and driving meaningful engagement to support business objectives. They often choose between hiring a full-time leader, a fractional CMO, or a marketing agency.

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Proven Process - Authentic

What is Authentic Growth Methodology?

Authentic Growth™ Methodology is Authentic’s proven process that helps small and mid-sized, growth-focused businesses build strategic marketing departments and create alignment between sales and marketing. It’s a habit-forming system that teaches a simple set of tools, frameworks, and meeting cadences that drive alignment, accountability, and activation.

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Authentic Mindshare

The mindshare power behind the Authentic peer community

Clients have learned that they get more than a solo independent consultant when they hire an Authentic Fractional CMO. They get the collective expertise of senior-level marketers with diverse experience across a variety of business models and industries. We call the power of this community our mindshare, and it’s part of everything we do.

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