Authentic - Overcome Random Acts of Marketing

Authentic® is a community of Fractional CMOs who help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step to build revenue.

Our Vision & Purpose

We believe that when small businesses have access to executive marketing leadership, they grow healthier, stronger, and more profitably.

And, we believe that when executive marketers are supported by a diverse community of like-minded peers, who share common values, experiences, and resources, they become more impactful leaders.

We therefore have a two-fold purpose that serves both groups:

  1. We help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® to achieve next-level growth.
  2. We help brilliant marketers (and all of our employees) love their lives and their work.

Get Acquainted with Authentic

Two Or More is Authentic’s community impact program – an initiative that brings our team, clients, partners, and business colleagues together to collectively share our time and talents through volunteer initiatives, fundraising, and grassroots projects that benefit our local and global communities.