Authentic Brand is a Minneapolis-based marketing leadership consultancy. We help high potential businesses reach next-level results through Marketing Traction™.

Our Messaging, Strategy & Coaching, and Fractional CMO services – together with our proven process and methodology – are designed to help growing businesses quickly define and deploy revenue-focused strategies. 

Authentic Brand’s coaches and fractional CMOs partner with client executives, internal team members, and external partners to build healthy marketing organizations, aligned with sales, to drive revenue results. 

What is Marketing Traction?

Marketing Traction™ is a proven methodology for marketing success that combines strategy, leadership, and execution. With these three critical components working together, we help our clients build integrated, measurable, and sustainable marketing plans, programs and teams. 

Companies operating with Authentic Brand’s Marketing Traction methodology can expect to experience:

  • Competitive differentiation through a clear and consistent brand message.
  • Revenue impact, driven by sales-aligned marketing programs.
  • Experienced leadership through the support of an Authentic Brand coach or fractional CMO.
  • Development of internal marketing muscle to help lead teams, manage programs and drive results.

We are uniquely equipped to support companies who are powered by EOS® – The Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

What Makes Us Unique

Process: Our Marketing Traction™ methodology and tools drive accountability and results.
People: Our talented senior marketing leaders are sales-aligned and revenue-focused.
Peer Community: We create exponential value through the combined expertise, support and structure of our team.

What We Value