Flex Advisory

Flex Advisory - Fractional CMO Leadership

"We need on-demand access."

Tap into CMO expertise when needed, without a long-term commitment.

Sometimes, you just need a great marketing mind for a few hours, a few weeks, or to augment your team for a specific strategic initiative. 

The beautiful thing about our fractional model is that many of our CMOs have bandwidth to take on additional advisory roles or strategic projects between fractional engagements. 

And because our CMOs are actively engaged in our mindshare community, our clients benefit not only from that individual’s knowledge and experience, but also the combined diverse experiences of our entire team. 

When you work with an Authentic CMO, you’ll be tapping into the power of our collaborative mindshare community to help your business solve problems, identify opportunities, and move faster toward your goals. Our CMO Advisors also help client teams engage the right external partners for marketing activation through our vetted Ally Network of providers.