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Flex Advisory Service

"We need on-demand access."

Tap into CMO expertise when needed, for as long as needed, without any long-term commitment.

Sometimes, you just need a great marketing mind for a few hours, a few weeks, or to augment your team for a specific strategic initiative. 

The beautiful thing about our fractional model is that many of our CMOs have bandwidth to take on additional advisory roles or strategic projects between fractional engagements. 

And because our CMOs are actively engaged in our mindshare community, our clients benefit not only from that individual’s knowledge and experience, but also the combined diverse experiences of our entire team. 

When you work with an Authentic Brand CMO, you’ll be tapping into the power of our collaborative mindshare community to help your business solve problems, identify opportunities, and move faster toward your goals. Our CMO Advisors also help client teams engage the right external partners for marketing activation through our vetted Ally Network of providers.

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How to build an effective on-demand marketing team

The modern marketing ecosystem has changed the way businesses market themselves. Marketing programs now require an entirely different array and a longer list of skill sets than they did 20 years ago. The agency of record no longer makes sense. Panelists provide advice on how businesses can build effective on-demand marketing teams with freelancers and agency partners.

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Agency of Record

Is the agency of record irrelevant in today’s marketing landscape?

Twenty years ago, most businesses outsourced their marketing capabilities to an agency of record that provided the entire landscape of marketing services. At that time, there were only a few core marketing services businesses needed their agency to provide. Fast forward to today, and the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. This rapid change begs the question: How could one agency of record possibly provide all of these services?

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in-house vs. agency

In-house marketing vs. agency or freelancer: What’s best for you?

There comes a time in every business’s lifecycle when it needs to invest in marketing to continue growing. Some of the most important decisions a company makes during this time are when and who to hire to develop and manage their marketing programs. Businesses have what seems like endless options: in-house resources, external resources, and resources experienced in different functional areas.

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When to hire a marketer

When should my business hire a marketer, and who’s the right fit?

One of the most challenging business decisions a growing company faces is when the right time is to hire a marketer and build an internal marketing team. Many scenarios prompt this decision, but it often comes when the business reaches a critical growth point. The company may have been founder-led or sales-driven until this point, but its sales are plateauing, and it realizes to continue growing, it needs to invest in marketing. It no longer makes sense to have the founder or sales leader be responsible for marketing.

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Marketing Budget Allocation

Marketing budget allocation: Why there’s no silver bullet

At Authentic Brand, we work primarily with small to midsize growing businesses that have started to invest in marketing activities but aren’t sure whether those activities are the best ones to support business growth. One of the most common questions we get from clients is, “How much should I spend on marketing?” It seems like a simple question, but unfortunately, the answer isn’t. The not-so-satisfying answer we often give to questions about marketing budget allocation is, “It depends.”

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Is your business committing random acts of marketing? [Part 3]

If you haven’t read parts one and two of our random acts of marketing series, we encourage you to start there! Random acts of marketing are common, particularly for sales-driven organizations facing stalled growth. Executives at these businesses might know they need marketing, but they’re unsure how best to structure or measure its effectiveness. Not knowing how best to proceed, they often test out one tactic, channel, or message after another, hoping at least one of them works.

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Is your business committing random acts of marketing? [Part 1]

It’s a story we hear all of the time: A business grew rapidly in its first years by focusing on sales and pursuing whichever opportunities came its way. Eventually, growth leveled off. The company needed to do something to jumpstart its sales and fuel its next-level growth. Executives recognized it was time to invest in marketing.

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Let’s get strategic — Leveraging social media to advance your business

It’s hard to believe that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were all launched within the last 15 years. As consumers, we’ve quickly become accustomed to social media being the first place we turn to engage with the brands we love. Given how embedded social media is within consumers’ day-to-today lives, these channels have also become one of the best ways for brands to reach their audiences.

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