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There’s no other firm quite like Authentic.
Our reputation is rooted in three uniques.

About Authentic

Multi-Dimensional Value

Our unique approach combines Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare to build strong, strategic, sales-aligned marketing teams and programs. Keep reading to learn more about our three uniques.



Our Authentic CMOs ™ are proven and passionate revenue builders who love what they do and are:  

  • Seasoned executive advisors who have depth and breadth of experience across industries, business models, markets, and stages of company growth
  • Entrepreneurial-minded leaders who share a deep passion for small and mid-sized businesses and who love the challenge and opportunity to make a significant impact
  • Responsible, accountable, and confident resource managers who treat your business and budgets as their own, and who live out Authentic’s values


Our Authentic Growth Methodology builds business rigor around marketing by implementing: 

    • A proven process that teaches a simple set of tools, frameworks, and meeting cadences that drive alignment, accountability, and activation  
    • A habit-forming system that builds high-performing revenue teams and ensures marketing and sales activities remain tied to the business vision
    • An agile structure for shaping annual plans and quarterly activities while maintaining flexibility to adapt to ongoing changes and insight


Our Authentic Mindshare harnesses collective marketing wisdom that brings greater impact through:  

  • An engaged community of marketing experts who regularly connect to solve problems and share resources in order to move client strategies forward more effectively
  • A professional development forum that ensures our CMOs constantly raise the bar in their abilities to bring relevant and modern marketing strategies to the work they do
  • A highly-curated network of independent and agency experts who provide flexible, scalable, and hyper-focused execution of marketing tactics that support the business vision

We bring a deeper level of commitment.

All of our fractional CMOs are W2 employees of Authentic, which is unique among fractional firms. Our team members are “all in” on their commitment to one another and to our clients. 

Authentic CMOs are not working fractionally as a side-gig or short-term project while seeking a full-time role elsewhere. They have chosen a career with Authentic that allows them to love their lives and love their work, while making a meaningful difference for a very small group of long-term clients. 

Because of our rigorous hiring and training processes, we confidently stand behind our right-fit CMO guarantee for every Authentic client.

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