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Many companies have very capable sales and marketing team members and leaders, but still struggle to achieve consistent results. Lack of alignment and focus are common challenges, especially for growing businesses whose entrepreneurial spirits invite frequent change. 

In this environment, it is easy for the marketing department to become reactive: responding to executive or sales requests for whatever shiny object or flavor-of-the-day idea comes along. Resources become diluted as marketing tries to keep pace – and initiatives often get replaced with new ideas before they can fully prove their impact. The business is committing “random acts of marketing”.

As a result, CEOs and their executive teams often question the value of marketing. They know they are spending money, running programs, and hiring employees – but they’re not sure what they’re getting as a result of this investment. 

Authentic Brand helps high-potential businesses build Marketing Traction™ through our proprietary methodology and our community of executive marketing leaders and coaches. 

For clients who already have a senior marketing leader on-staff, our Coaching program provides a proven framework to build stronger focus, alignment, and accountability for revenue teams: helping teams overcome “random acts of marketing” and positioning marketing to be a strategic partner to sales in driving revenue results.

Our Coaches usually engage on a 12-month retainer, working with marketing leaders and revenue teams to refine their strategic plans, collaborate through weekly cadence meetings, and prioritize key initiatives through a series of quarterly workshops.

Proven Success

We’ve worked with many clients – across industries and markets – to help build Marketing Traction™ and revenue results. Below is one of our client’s stories. See more stories, and a wide variety of logos and testimonials here.

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