Lifecycle of a Brand Webinar

Authentic Growth™ Webinar Series

Lifecycle of a Brand

Evolving your business story through growth and transition

The lifecycle of a business includes a tremendous amount of change: from launch, through various growth stages, to eventual exit or new evolution. Every major milestone along the growth journey creates an opportunity to rethink the brand story, and ensure it’s aligned to the audiences who matter most at these crucial moments.

Wherever you are on your growth journey – whether you are the Founder of a startup, the CEO of a fast-growing company, or an Owner planning an acquisition or exit – this webinar will help you understand how your brand strategy and story should evolve to help you reach your intended destination.

Watch the Webinar and Learn:

  • The role of brand in the early stages of startup growth
  • Why your story must evolve after you have proven your business model
  • How to navigate the challenges of maverick messaging as your team grows
  • Why the customer should be the hero of your brand story
  • How messaging matters for raising funds and building M&A momentum