The Authentic Fractional CMO Life

Authentic Growth™ Webinar Series

The Authentic Fractional CMO Life

Wednesday, July 26
Noon – 1pm CT

Join us for a special Live Webinar event, exclusively for marketing executives, as we (re)introduce Authentic Brand and our unique Fractional CMO role.
Whether you’ve met us in the past, have already applied for a role on our team, or are simply curious about life as a fractional CMO – we welcome the opportunity to connect with you now to offer a fresh perspective on our business and the growing marketplace of fractional opportunity!
Join us to learn more about how we’re helping brilliant marketers across the United States love their lives, and love their work – in that order.

Attendees to this webinar will learn

  • Who Authentic Brand is: our story, values, and vision.
  • Trends and factors that are shaping the fractional marketplace.
  • What makes Authentic Brand unique among fractional CMO providers.
  • The value of our proprietary Authentic GrowthTM methodology and Authentic MindshareTM community of CMOs and Ally providers.
  • Important questions you should ask yourself before making the leap to the fractional life.
  • How to stay connected with Authentic Brand or apply for a Fractional CMO role on our team.