What in the world is going on with events?

Authentic Growth™ Webinar Series

What in the world is going on with events?

How to execute with confidence in the midst of the event marketing swirl

Event marketing has never been easy, but today’s event landscape is a whole new world that is still being charted. Companies of every size, industry, model, and location are revisiting their go-to-market plans and budgets, and are rethinking their approach to events.

Sudden virtual shifts have opened new opportunities for broader engagement and have reshaped the attendee experience. Live events are re-emerging, shaped differently than before, and often requiring a more complex mix of blended in-person and virtual experiences. Safety, access, and value are converging to reshape requirements and expectations.

With the event landscape still in a very fluid state, how can your business move confidently forward to take advantage of new opportunities, while being good stewards of your resources and relationships? Join our panel of event experts to glean insights on the latest developments in the event marketing space.

Watch the Webinar and Learn:

  • Emerging strategies for engaging virtual and in-person audiences
  • New technologies and their applications for high-impact event experiences
  • The shifting values and expectations of event attendees
  • Event cost and pricing structures: navigating the new value exchange 
  • The future and forecast for traditional events (tradeshows and sponsorships)