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Comply Foam: Client Story

Comply Foam: Client Story

Traditional B2B manufacturer engages Fractional CMO to quickly build a scalable B2C business model

“When we engaged Authentic to help us build out our marketing group, we found that our leadership team really lacked the understanding of how to engage consumers in a very effective fashion. What Authentic provided was a very low risk way for us to build really quickly. We were able to get engagement with consumers essentially right out of the gate. [And] we were building all these processes and this infrastructure that is going to be really meant for the future.”

Chris Hudson, President, Comply Foam

Story Summary

Chris Hudson, President of Comply Foam, was ready to make big moves within the established hearing component business. The manufacturing company had traditionally sold exclusively through B2B channels, but leaders saw opportunity to gain market share through expansion to e-commerce driven, direct-to-consumer sales. Making this transformation would mean evolving from a sales-centric to a marketing-led business.

Working with Authentic’s fractional CMO, Comply Foam quickly activated a phased plan (which included engaging Ally Network providers) to develop updated, consumer-focused messaging, launch paid media programs, establish scalable e-commerce capabilities, and hire key internal marketing roles; achieving new revenue streams and successfully pivoting to a strategic, marketing-powered organization.


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