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Fueled Collective: Client Story

Fueled Collective: Client Story
Don Ball Fueled Collective Client Story

Marketing fuel for growing co-working and event brand.

We were suddenly facing a lot of competition at the same time. Originally, we had no marketing. Then we moved to “Random Acts of Marketing”, and we finally had to really professionalize that whole area, and that’s when we sought out Authentic.

[Since] that initial engagement, we’re headed towards being even more than just marketing focused, we’re headed towards being sales focused.”

– Don Ball, Co-Founder, Fueled Collective


What do you do when you’re a pioneer in your space, and a large, aggressive, well funded competitor comes to town to set up shop? 

You can try to go toe-to-toe with them or you can refine and adapt. 

This is the story of Fueled Collective. They began as COCO: the first established co-working brand and community in the Twin Cities. As the co-working model caught fire, competition drove the team to think differently about how they would remain at the top of the list for people looking for entrepreneurial growth space and solutions.

When it came to differentiating, Fueled Collective realized that while they might not choose to out-spend the competition, they could definitely out-story everyone else. After all, they were – and would always be – Minnesota’s original co-working community.

With the help of Authentic and our ally partners, Fueled Collective went back to their roots to re-engage with what had made them successful in the first place, and then got to work proactively building a sales-aligned marketing program that would support their new brand and offering to the market, in a way that authentically leveraged the strongest assets of their established community.

Watch the video to hear Don Ball, Co-Founder of Fueled Collective, discuss their journey toward marketing maturity.


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