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Pro-Tec Design: Client Story

Pro-Tec Design: Client Story
Eva Mach Pro-Tec Design

Growing ESOP levels up marketing strategy and leadership.

Random Acts of Marketing: That would have been Pro-Tec prior to us associating with Authentic. We decided last year that we needed to focus, we needed a roadmap, we needed somebody to help us to create a real marketing program at Pro-Tec. That’s how we engaged the Fractional CMO program.

The biggest benefit was getting people onboard and understanding how important it is to tell our story, and how important it is to build our brand. Hiring a professional (Fractional CMO) who can actually sit at the table with the management team and lead us down the path of building a marketing roadmap is money very well spent.”

Eva Mach, President & CEO, Pro-Tec Design


For over 50 years, Pro-Tec Design has been consulting, designing, installing and supporting security solutions for many of the Twin Cities’ best known organizations.

While the ESOP organization had a strong history, reputation and stable base of customers, the company was admittedly committing “Random Acts of Marketing”. Marketing had never been integrated into a strategic plan nor was it sales-aligned.

Leaders at Pro-Tec Design realized that in order to accelerate their rate of growth, they needed to appropriately invest in marketing and get aligned with sales. They knew they needed help from someone who knew what they were doing, but realized that there was a lot of risk and expense in hiring a full-time head of marketing. They were looking for a solution that provided flexibility and senior-level leadership.

They turned to Authentic for help.

View the story video to hear Eva Mach, President and CEO of Pro-Tec Design, discuss how they’ve found success through fractional CMO support through Authentic.


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