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Summit 360: Client Story

Summit 360: Client Story
Dick Noble Summit 360 Authentic Client Story

Fractional CMO services help established technology company maximize their marketing investment to successfully launch new offerings and brand

“CMOs – whether fractional or full-time – are not cheap, but we had a big task ahead of us with this business launch… and I knew that we could not do it by ourselves, and I wasn’t confident [that we would] even be able to make the right hire for that role. And so…it was a pretty easy decision. …When I looked at the task at hand, the opportunity costs could be tremendous. And I did not want to get it wrong. I really wanted this to go well, and right. And it has.”

Dick Noble, Founder & Owner, Summit 360

Story Summary

As founder and owner of Summit 360, Dick Noble was leading a sales-driven organization and knew that to reach next-level growth, marketing needed to play a bigger role in launching new offerings and creating more market demand. But Dick wasn’t sure how to define or hire for a marketing leadership role, and with a lot of strategic investment on the line across the organization, he couldn’t afford to get marketing wrong.

With the help of an Authentic fractional CMO, Summit 360 has confidently moved their business forward to build stronger sales alignment, launch new offerings, update their brand, and develop their in-house marketing team.


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