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From Bootstrap to Big League: Brand lessons from tech startups, for all startups

From Bootstrap to Big League: Brand lessons from tech startups, for all startups

Confession: I expected to have to work harder to build this panel for Twin Cities Startup Week. I had a target list of 20 really smart and experienced technology leaders, all of whom have built and scaled really admirable brands and businesses. I was hopeful that, of the 20, I might secure 3-4 who would be willing to carve time out from their very full calendars to participate in this event. So, I sent invites out to my top five and crossed my fingers. They all said yes. In fact, one invitee answered with an emphatic: “Hell, yeah!” (Watch the recording, and I’ll bet you can guess who sent me that response!)

I continue to be amazed and inspired by the Twin Cities’ community, and the tremendous support and generosity of leaders like these panelists, who don’t hesitate to invest their time and share their wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs.

A very special thanks to our panelists. These guys not only showed up, but they shared very relevant and honest insights about startup branding. One attendee told me that this was the best hour he spent at an event in ages. Another told me that the content was the most startup-relevant material that they had heard from any Startup Week session. What an honor it was for me to moderate the conversation. Trust me, it’s not hard to shine when you’re surrounded by brilliant people. 🙂

If you missed the event, or were unable to get a ticket – no worries! My good friends at Denamico – a local Hubspot partner and inbound agency – answered my very last-minute plea for volunteer videography, and captured the entire panel discussion. It really does take a village to raise a Startup Week. I’m incredibly grateful for the support of every volunteer who made this event possible (see special thanks below!).

From Bootstrap to Big League: Brand lessons from tech startups, for all startups.

Tech: It’s where we hear stories of unprecedented growth, driven by bold strategies, fearless execution, dizzying transformation, and enviable investment momentum. But what’s really behind these stories? And what can we learn from this industry’s mastery of speed and spin?

Join us for a panel discussion on the trials and triumphs of startup branding, as we hear from visionary founders and leaders of some of Minnesota’s top tech companies. Learn how they’ve grown their business and brand story at every stage, be inspired by their scrappy and creative growth-hacks, and come away with actionable ideas to infuse your go-to-market programs.

Our panelists include:


Special thanks to our panelists (listed above), Nels Peterson (TCSW Founder & Director), Marty Wetherall (Marketing & Advertising Track Lead), Nick Roseth (Tech Track Lead), Augeo (Track Sponsor), MIMA (Track Partner), Denamico (Videography), WeWork (Host Venue), and every attendee. Wishing you all a very happy and productive Twin Cities Startup Week! #TCSW


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