Coffee & Closers – Marketing Traction featuring Jennifer Zick

Jennifer Zick joins Mickeli Bedore, founder and host of Coffee & Closers for live podcast conversation.

On November 5th, Jennifer Zick joined Mickeli Bedore, founder and host of Coffee & Closers, for an up close and intimate conversation about lessons learned (and still being learned!) in life and business.

“Life has broken me in the most beautiful way,” explains Zick, as she answers questions about her career journey across sales, marketing, and founder roles. In this 30-minute conversation, Bedore manages to stage a business conversation that evolves from sales and marketing to a deeply personal journey of faith, failure, acceptance, and growth. 

Watch or listen to the entire conversation – as produced by Jenson Studios – via video and podcast below. And tune in for future Coffee & Closers episodes by subscribing to the award winning show here.

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