Get more value from your agency relationships

Authentic Growth™ Webinar Series

Get More Value from Your Agency Relationships and Investments

What agencies wish clients understood about how to get the most from their partnerships

Many growing businesses will engage agency partners before ever employing an internal marketer or marketing leader. And many of these businesses will experience frustration with agency partner communication, project timelines, budgets, and outcomes. We know this is true because it’s one of the primary reasons clients seek Authentic’s help: Entrepreneurial businesses struggle to select the right-fit agency partners, and then they struggle to understand (or leverage) the value of their capabilities. All too often, agency relationships and engagements falter. But why? Are agencies to blame? Are client expectations unrealistic? Is there a better way to manage client and agency relationships to achieve long-term success and value? (Hint: The answer is YES, and our panel of agency leaders is ready to show us the way to make agency investments and relationships go the distance to drive growth for your business.) What You’ll Learn
  • The most common mistakes that agencies make in managing client engagements (and red flags to watch for)
  • The most common misassumptions that clients make about their agency relationships (and reasons why your agency might fire you as a client)
  • Why ROI is a shared responsibility between the agency and the client business
  • Essential ingredients for the most successful, high-value client + agency partnerships
  • How agency models are evolving, and how clients can navigate and increasingly complex and diverse landscape to find the right partners
Growth Marketing Webinar Series Insights from active CMOs and agency leaders who help small and mid-sized companies to build modern and effective marketing capabilities. Our monthly webinars offer actionable strategies to help your business overcome “random acts of marketing” and achieve next-level growth.

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