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Authentic Growth through Investment Mindset with Ryan Tansom

Authentic Growth through Investment Mindset with Ryan Tansom

A podcast collaboration between Authentic and System & Soul

Not all growth is healthy growth. Getting bottom-line results requires balancing short-term gains with long-term investments. Learn how to define and pursue your most ideal clients to achieve your most healthy, profitable, and joyful growth.

This week on System & Soul, our guest host Jennifer Zick, founder and CEO of Authentic, continues her takeover over of the S2 Podcast by inviting Ryan Tansom, President and Co-founder at Arkona, on the podcast to discuss his framework for helping businesses increase their value.

Ryan explains the vision behind Arkona which serves its clients serves its clients through education training to equip businesses to grow intentionally by keeping the end in mind.

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This episode is brought to you by System & Soul.

We have to fess up––we have done all the wrong stuff when it comes to running a business. We’ve hired too quickly, fired too late, wasted resources, picked the wrong objective… the list is long. But, here’s what we’ve learned: the only way to fight the chaos and complexity that is constantly coming at you is to get clarity and control over your business.

Over 20 years, we’ve seen it all. The more businesses get stuck in the chaos and complexity, the harder it is to grow, stay healthy and sustainable as a business.

That’s why we created System & Soul. It is the only business framework that helps you run better systems and do it with the soul of your business in mind. We want to help business leaders like you find breakthrough.

If you’re ready, learn more at

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