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Authentic Launches New Wellness Program

Authentic Launches New Wellness Program

When Jennifer Zick, founder & CEO, first started Authentic®, she envisioned a workplace where employees could love their life, and love their work (yes – in that order).

One way that Authentic is living out this vision is through the recent launch of Authentic Wellness, an internal program with three essential goals:

  1. Nurture our culture and people toward loving their lives and loving their work.
  2. Encourage all Authentic employees to invest in individual, family, community, and corporate wellness.
  3. Organize company-led wellness activities (in-person and virtual) and engage employees in sharing their experiences.

The 2024 roll-out of Authentic Wellness includes “Wellness Wednesday” activities on a weekly basis: some in-person, others virtual or asynchronous. 

The program kicked off with a live (in person and remote streaming) yoga session, hosted at our Edina headquarters and led by a certified yoga instructor. 

The following week, Authentic employees took a break to play board / dice games – with competitive spirits.

Authentic Wellness activities are aimed to be activities that nurture body, mind, heart, and soul to cultivate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Activities include:

  • Exercise / movement
  • Fun / play / laughter
  • Nutrition / community meals
  • Breath / prayer / meditation
  • Service / volunteerism
  • Self-care / rest / relaxation
  • Outdoors / nature
  • Hobbies / creative expression

We’re excited to continue this journey towards holistic wellness, empowering our employees to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


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