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Red Argyle: Client Story

Red Argyle: Client Story
Red Argyle Client Story

Salesforce Systems Integrator engages Fractional CMO to take strategy and growth to the next level.

What got us interested in talking to Authentic was their reputation in the industry. …And it only took a couple of quick conversations for us to realize it would be a great business fit for us and also a great culture fit.

Garry Polmateer, CEO, Red Argyle

Story Summary

Garry Polmateer is the CEO of Red Argyle, a Salesforce Systems Integrator with a focus on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud solutions, along with security and privacy consulting.

With a track record as a trusted resource in the Salesforce partner ecosystem, Red Argyle was poised for next-level growth. But the leadership team lacked the guidance of an experienced, strategic marketing leader.

“It’s just like when you go to the gym and you try to white knuckle your way to fitness,” explains Garry. “You can only get so far on your own. We really felt like we needed a coach, someone with the experience. We needed someone with knowledge of the art of marketing. …We realized that all of [these needs] could be met by working with a fractional CMO.”

Authentic’s CMO joined the Red Argyle leadership team, as both a business advisor and as a coach for the company’s marketing team. Through applying Authentic Growth™ Methodology, Red Argyle began to feel the positive effects of marketing discipline and focus.

“Since we’ve engaged with Authentic, the biggest change has been discipline,” says Garry. “When we were earlier in our journey, we would go chase all the shiny things. Our work with our fractional CMO from Authentic [brought us] learning, longer term planning, …and investing in important things like messaging consistency and design. [All of this was] critical to our continued success and I’m happy to say we’re using those tools successfully right now. So I’m excited about that.”

Not only did Red Argyle see value through fractional CMO marketing leadership, but they also accelerated marketing execution by tapping into the Authentic Ally Network of marketing talent: freelance and agency resources with specialized expertise.

Garry explains value of this extended network of partners: “Traditionally we were searching on our own, spending a lot of time trying to find qualified folks and the right type of talent that we needed. So to have that guidance and instant trust with someone was really helpful. It was just really great to have to pull in those specialists right where we needed them.”

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