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Building Sustainable Business Growth: A presentation and workshop for the Minnesota Subcontractors Association

What do you think when you think about marketing? For many owner-operators and executives, the word marketing translates into “the dark hole where we throw money and hope for results”. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of leading a marketing-focused event for the Minnesota Subcontractors Association (MSA). The three-hour interactive event included presentations, workshops, and a panel discussion: all focused on helping MSA member companies redefine the role of marketing in their businesses, and build scalable programs that generate measurable and sustainable sales growth.

A big thanks to my partners on this event, who helped develop the content and event program: Ryan Ruud of Lake One Digital, and Tony Biel of Criterion Business Development

The event helped attendees to:

  • Explore opportunities to differentiate through customer-focused messaging;
  • Learn how to build an actionable, flexible, and measurable marketing plan and budget;
  • Understand the role of business development in proactively building sales pipeline;
  • Gain insight into how digital marketing can boost their brand and build buyer interest;
  • Come away with tools and tactics that they can use tomorrow to start driving results.

A few photos from the event:

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Jennifer Zick

Founder and CEO at Authentic Brand
Jennifer Zick is the Founder and CEO of Authentic Brand, a Minneapolis-based marketing consultancy that helps great businesses attain next-level growth through Marketing Traction™.
Jennifer Zick
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