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Authentic Growth through Content & Digital Demand Generation with Scott Severson

Authentic Growth through Content & Digital Demand Generation with Scott Severson

A podcast collaboration between Authentic and System & Soul

There’s nothing automagical about lead generation. Tools and tactics abound, but building quality demand takes more than a tech stack. Learn how to leverage content to build trust and fuel authentic engagement that converts.

Many companies tend to mystify digital marketing––thinking it’s too complicated or that some sort of complex marketing software will do all the work for them. Today on System & Soul, Jennifer Zick invites her friend Scott Severson, CEO of Brandpoint, to discuss how companies can experience authentic growth through content and digital demand generation.

Scott talks about the most common misunderstandings about digital growth generation, how a consistent strategy will drive consistent results, how he helps clients shift to a more strategic mindset, and the importance of investing in a content strategy for the purpose of building trust with customers.
This episode is brought to you by System & Soul.

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This episode is brought to you by System & Soul.

We have to fess up––we have done all the wrong stuff when it comes to running a business. We’ve hired too quickly, fired too late, wasted resources, picked the wrong objective… the list is long. But, here’s what we’ve learned: the only way to fight the chaos and complexity that is constantly coming at you is to get clarity and control over your business.

Over 20 years, we’ve seen it all. The more businesses get stuck in the chaos and complexity, the harder it is to grow, stay healthy and sustainable as a business.

That’s why we created System & Soul. It is the only business framework that helps you run better systems and do it with the soul of your business in mind. We want to help business leaders like you find breakthrough.

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