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Accelerating Marketing Results for EOS-Powered Companies with Authentic Growth™ Methodology

Running a business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a strategic choice aimed at achieving sustainable growth and alignment. EOS provides a solid foundation for vision, traction, and alignment in growth-oriented companies. In this article, we will explore how Authentic Growth™ Methodology can accelerate marketing results for companies operating on EOS.

EOS Marketing Strategy: Setting the Stage

EOS incorporates valuable tools like the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO) to help companies define their organizational vision, including their EOS marketing strategy. The V/TO acts as an anchor, outlining the target market, differentiators, proven process, and guarantee. This strategy ensures clarity, direction, and focus in marketing efforts. However, turning this strategy into actionable marketing plans requires expertise and the right structure.

1. Putting the Right People in Place

Companies running on EOS often transition from being sales-focused to recognizing the need for strategic marketing leadership. This shift often occurs within 6-18 months of implementing EOS. The critical decision is determining who is accountable for the EOS marketing strategy – whether it’s an existing internal resource, a new hire, or an external partner. Assigning the right person with the expertise to integrate all facets of modern marketing and align them with revenue results is crucial.

2. Solidifying Your Brand Story

While the EOS marketing strategy provides direction, it often focuses on the company rather than the customer. To create a compelling brand story, companies need to shift their focus to customer-centric messaging that addresses customer needs, pains, and values. External expertise is sometimes necessary to make this shift effectively.

3. Getting to Know Your Audience

Executing an EOS marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the target audience. Researching their information sources, daily challenges, and motivations helps define the marketing mix strategy, ensuring marketing efforts are effective and efficient.

4. Defining Success Metrics

Before executing the marketing plan, defining success metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial. It goes beyond mere connections and considers the value of those connections. Regularly tracking and reviewing KPIs allows for quick adjustments, ensuring resources are allocated effectively.

Authentic Growth Methodology: The Catalyst for Success

Authentic Growth™ Methodology complements EOS by providing a structured approach to building strategic marketing departments and aligning sales and marketing efforts. It aligns with EOS principles and is designed to drive alignment, accountability, and activation.

The Authentic Growth™ Process

  1. Align: Authentic Growth™ starts with alignment, integrating an Authentic Fractional CMO™ or Advisor into leadership team meetings to establish ongoing collaboration. This includes a weekly cadence for reviewing progress and a quarterly workshop to prioritize initiatives.
  2. Assess: An Authentic Marketing Assessment™ evaluates the current state of the marketing team and programs, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  3. Audit: The Authentic Marketing Audit™ combines client-reported and CMO-discovered insights to inform the next steps.
  4. Activate: Recommendations from this initial discovery become the basis for the Authentic Marketing Action Plan™ and the broader Authentic Marketing Roadmap™.
  5. Adapt and Amplify: This phase focuses on consistent execution and ongoing innovation, ensuring the marketing team evolves to sustain growth.
Authentic Growth Methodology

Why Authentic Growth Matters for EOS-Powered Companies

EOS-Powered companies need a strategic marketing plan to avoid random acts of marketing. Authentic Growth™ Methodology empowers internal marketing teams to shift from being reactive to proactive, aligning with the corporate vision for growth. It helps companies make strategic choices, allocate resources effectively, and measure results.

Combining the power of EOS with Authentic Growth™ Methodology, together with the leadership of an experienced fractional CMO, can accelerate marketing results for companies. It ensures that the EOS marketing strategy becomes an actionable plan that drives growth and aligns with the overall vision of the organization.


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