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Integrated Cash Logistics: Client Story

Integrated Cash Logistics: Client Story
Integrated Cash Logistics Client Story featuring Randy Hauserman

Cash management technology company Integrated Cash Logistics hires Authentic to increase brand awareness and supercharge growth.

“Everything we’re doing is working. The content is driving eyeballs; the eyeballs are turning into real prospects that want to know how we can help them. This [engagement] has really poured fuel on the organization in terms of growth and hitting our targets.”

Randy Hauserman, VP of Sales, Integrated Cash Logistics

Hear more from Randy:

Integrated Cash Logistics at a glance

Business Type: Cash management technology
Category: B2B
Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware
Key initiatives: Go-to-market strategy, brand messaging and design, content and digital strategy, metrics & reporting, agency management, martech

The challenge

Integrated Cash Logistics, a cash management technology company that expedites retailers’ cash flow and reconciliation by digitizing the physical world of cash, was happy with its steady growth. But once it proved its service offering was scalable, it was time to increase its brand awareness, generate more interest, and grow faster. However, ICL’s leadership team lacked the marketing expertise to develop a strategic marketing program to drive these results.

“Everything we did for sales and marketing, we did ad hoc, as best as we could figure out just from doing research. There was nobody in our organization that was traditionally in a marketing role. We got to a point where we knew we were scalable and really wanted to supercharge that growth. That’s when we started going out and trying to engage with different marketing firms,” said Randy Hauserman, VP of Sales at Integrated Cash Logistics.

ICL began its search for a marketing partner, vetting several firms.

The solution

“Not being marketing professionals ourselves, we did a good amount of due diligence. We spoke with different organizations that seemed to offer similar services. But we ultimately landed on Authentic because the strategy that was laid out aligned with how we saw things going,” shared Hauserman.

In addition to appreciating Authentic’s model, framework, and tools, ICL was also intrigued by the Authentic Mindshare™, which combines our engaged community of fractional CMOs with our curated network of specialized agencies and contractors. 

“Having our CMO be able to check in with all of the other talent to make sure we’re on the right path… having that access was really attractive to us,” added Hauserman.

Integrated Cash Logistics’ Authentic Fractional CMO™ embedded into the business quickly and seamlessly. During the engagement, the CMO:

  • Revitalized ICL’s messaging, including renaming and trademarking its core service offering, CashSimple™.
  • Led a website overhaul in partnership with an Ally Network provider to align with the new messaging and increase conversion opportunities across the site.
  • Developed and launched a content marketing program with an Ally Network provider to increase ICL’s search visibility and drive more lead conversions.
  • Implemented HubSpot, used as ICL’s first CRM system and as a marketing tool to manage and execute campaigns.
  • Created and iterated on a digital advertising strategy with Google Ads. 
  • Adopted strategic rigor in ICL’s marketing program, including implementing regular meetings to assess performance, uncover roadblocks, and review data and metrics.

“Having targeted efforts, understanding what’s effective, and ultimately getting results is really what our fractional CMO and Authentic has done for us.”  — Randy Hauserman, VP of Sales, Integrated Cash Logistics

The results

With the strategic guidance of an Authentic Fractional CMO, Integrated Cash Logistics has:

  • Increased revenue and made significant strides toward hitting the ambitious 3-year revenue target the CEO has set for the company.
  • Increased website visits by 588% from 2022 to 2023.
  • Increased brand awareness, which has led to increased interest in ICL and positively impacted its ability to close larger deals.
  • Improved lead generation efforts, resulting in a steady stream of high-quality leads that fill the sales teams’ pipelines and have eliminated the need for cold calling. 
  • Doubled the size of its sales team to support the increased number and quality of leads generated.
  • Shortened the sales cycle. 
  • Adopted a content production cadence that aligns with a content strategy, effectively producing consistent content.

“We went into the engagement with a pretty specific — and  large – revenue goal. By the end of this year, we will have reached that goal. There’s no doubt about it. And we really believe a large part of that has been because of this relationship and our fractional CMO’s efforts.” — Randy Hauserman, VP of Sales, Integrated Cash Logistics

Next on ICL’s horizon with Authentic is to continue doubling down on hitting its 3-year revenue target, optimizing how it uses HubSpot as its CRM and marketing tool, and increasing its conversion rate even more.


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