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Jennifer Zick Makes Guest Appearance on The Schmidt List Podcast

Jennifer Zick Makes Guest Appearance on The Schmidt List Podcast

This week, Jennifer Zick joined Kurt Schmidt, host of The Schmidt List Podcast, to discuss Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey and how Authentic helps organizations grow with Fractional CMO leadership and Authentic Growth Methodology: a proven methodology for strategic planning, alignment, and accountability.

“I wasn’t going to create the ‘Jennifer Zick Agency.’ I wanted to create a brand that was much bigger than me and where I eventually would fade into the background as a supporter and champion of all the great people on the front line .” – Jennifer Zick

Hear Jennifer, CEO and Founder of Authentic, share her entrepreneurial journey as she unpacks the challenges that organizations and marketers face, which inspired her to start the business. Listen to the podcast here, or via the recording embedded below.


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    Authentic® is a national fractional CMO firm, serving clients across the United States and beyond. We were early pioneers in our industry, and continue to set the standard for fractional CMO excellence. Our unique approach combines Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare to help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and increase maturity, growth, and transferrable value. We are Authentic Fractional CMOs™ Tested. Trusted. True Executives.

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