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Jennifer Zick presents: Building Your Personal Brand

Jennifer Zick presents: Building Your Personal Brand
Jennifer Zick - Building a Personal Brand

Jennifer Zick – Authentic’s Founder & CEO – was honored to share her experiences on Personal Brand-Building as the keynote speaker for BMO’s “Executives In Transition” event on February 11th.

More than 60 executives – many in transition between roles – attended the event to learn how to build an authentic personal brand that is values-driven and multi-dimensional.

Zick shared strategies and practical tips on:

  • Living your values
  • Finding your voice
  • Creating value by helping
  • Building trust online & real-world
  • Why and how to share meaningful content
  • Crafting your personal brand plan

Attendees were challenged to shape their personal brand, incorporating elements of their lives and interests that extend beyond their place of employment and the job they do.

Avoid a limiting personal brand by incorporating many dimensions of your life and work.

A big theme of the presentation was authenticity: defined as a combination of transparency, integrity, and vulnerability.

Zick reminded attendees that – while we live in a world that feels increasingly fast-paced, divisive, and transactional, people value – perhaps more than ever – real, human connection and relationship.

What's truly valuable

And finally, Zick reminded attendees that we all struggle with imposter syndrome, so we need to choose to be brave in the face of that fear, embrace our unique voice and imperfections, and put ourselves out there.

Authenticity = Real life. Imperfections and all.

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