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Chaos to Clarity Podcast Featuring Jennifer Zick

Chaos to Clarity Podcast Featuring Jennifer Zick

6 Ways to overcome random acts of marketing for entrepreneurs

Chaos to Clarity Podcast

Our founder and CEO, Jennifer Zick, was recently the featured guest on the Chaos to Clarity podcast with host, Gary Vanbutsele.

The fact is that most entrepreneurial businesses start approaching marketing backwards, they approach it from a bottom up instead of a top down.

Jennifer Zick, CEO, Authentic

In 2017, Jennifer Zick founded Authentic to help growing businesses overcome random acts of marketing to achieve next-level growth. 

An experienced revenue builder, Jennifer had held sales and marketing executive roles for a variety of start-up and global enterprise organizations, where she thrived in building strong brands, teams, and customer relationships. 

It’s this experience that helped her build the model of Authentic Growth™ that she uses today to help Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step in growth.

See the full podcast recap in blog format here.

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