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Jennifer Zick featured on Intentional Growth Podcast with host Ryan Tansom

Jennifer Zick featured on Intentional Growth Podcast with host Ryan Tansom

Marketing Doesn’t Have to Feel Like Hocus Pocus and Pixie Dust: Demystifying Marketing and the Role of a CMO with Jennifer Zick

Intentional Growth Podcast

The following is an excerpt from the Intentional Growth Podcast

Episode #273: with Jennifer Zick
Hosted by Ryan Tansom

“Marketing is just hocus pocus and pixie dust” — does that feel familiar? Most of us are tired of wasting time and money on the latest marketing strategies that never seem to work. Jennifer Zick of Authentic shares why one of her clients said this (and why it’s one of her favorite quotes of all-time) on today’s show. Not only did her company coin the phrase “Random Acts of Marketing,” Authentic provides fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) services that get businesses back on track and making better marketing decisions for the long-term.

Tune in to the full conversation:

Jennifer’s mission is to help bring big company marketing resources and planning to the middle market, so tune in to learn a few things about strategy and team alignment to achieve your sales and clientele goals particularly in the B2B space. We go over how to eliminate the random acts of marketing, including all the associated costs, headaches, and — most frustrating of all — lack of progress that comes with them.

Authentic’s unique approach combines marketers, methodology, and mindshare to deliver real revenue results for any business owner.

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