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Trusted Employees: Client Story

Trusted Employees: Client Story
Jon Thielen Trusted Employees Client Story

Strategic marketing creates exponential exit for software company

“I care about top line revenue but most importantly I care about the bottom line and what the company makes. …So I wanted to scale the business profitably, and I was working with Authentic on this and [they] did a fantastic job of finding out who my [ideal] audience was. So instead of focusing on hiring very high priced sales executives, we pivoted and created an inside sales team that was closing $100,000 more per month in business. With marketing and sales automation, we scaled the company, and our EBITDA grew from $1 million to $2 million, and [one year later] our company sold for 11 times earnings. Authentic helped me get the true value of that company …and in the end that helped me give our shareholder a huge exit.”

Jon Thielen, President, Trusted Employees

Story Summary

When Jon Thielen became President of Trusted Employees he was challenged with turning a regional technology company into a national contender. But doing so would mean competing differently than the established category leaders. To gain market share, Trusted Employees needed to go-to-market with a unique value proposition, story, and profitable revenue model.

Through partnership with Authentic and our Ally Network providers, Trusted Employees identified an underserved buyer audience and remodeled their sales and marketing teams and programs to pursue higher margin, faster-closing deals, resulting in growing EBIDTA from $1M to $2M, and selling the company one year later for 11x earnings.


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